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Devin Doughty
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Painting Up a Storm!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love doing crafts. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I am making a fair amount of the keepsake and decor items for our wedding. I completed all the painted components for the reception this week and I am so excited about it that I just had to give you a sneak peek!

Wooden Peg “Cake Topppers”

Cake Toppers

While browsing through Etsy, I noticed some wooden cake toppers that my Matron of Honor, Jenée, had discovered. Although the toppers were cute, I wondered if I could make some custom toppers for our wedding. I ordered a pair of wooden peg people from Clickity Click on Etsy and picked up some painting supplies from a local craft store. Tutorials from Goose Grease and Off-Beat Bride guided me through the process. Instead of painting darker-toned skin for my doll, I used an oak-colored wood stain, allowing the natural wood grain to show through. I still need to add some “curly hair” and a veil to the bride, but I am so happy with how this couple turned out!

Ring Bearer Box

Box (Closed)
Box (Open)

Devin’s nephew will be our ring bearer for the ceremony and I really didn’t want him to hold a dinky little pillow. Instead, I scoured Pinterest for ring bear boxes (ones that didn’t look like mini coffins). The best one I found was by Renee Hong: a small, customized box with separate compartments for each ring. I found the box for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby and opted for an oak finish with a stenciled mint-green heart on top. The “Mr.” and “Mrs.” inside the box are wooden letters by American Crafts (unfortunately, they don’t sell them anymore!). My next step is to make tiny pillows with ribbons to hold each ring securely, like The Crafted Sparrow did for this custom piece, but I have yet to find the perfect fabric!

Guest Book: Postcard Box

Postcard Box (Closed)
Postcard Box (Open)

The wedding of Ben & Sofia, a creative couple in Brooklyn, has been an inspiration for many aspects of our event. An item of particular interest was their guest book: a collection of vintage postcards on which guests would write notes and then place in an antique box. For our “guest book,” I ordered a vintage oak file box from Gray Garden Decor on Etsy and picked up a mega-pack of postcards from Anderson Design Group in Nashville. I was hesitant to add anything to the box, but after completing the ring bearer box, I decided to paint a mint-green heart on the top and glued some wood letters to the front of the postcard box. The letters could be kerned better (as all my design friends will notice), but I think the additions make the box more unique and memorable.

Wood Accents

Wooden Hearts
Wooden Arches

These colorful items started out as well-crafted pine cutouts from Clickity Click on Etsy. Using a staining medium mixed with the colors from our wedding palette, I painted each piece accordingly and edged them in a darker-toned chalk ink. These will likely go on the dessert table, along with a ton of sweets and treats!

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