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DIY Ring Bearer Box

Ring bearer box for wedding.

I finally finished the box for our Ring Bearer to hold during the ceremony! I found the box for about $3.00 at Hobby Lobby and stained it with oak-colored wood stain. The heart on the top of the box was stenciled on with acrylic paint. The fabric for the pillows is from the Quilting section at Jo-Ann Fabrics and was on sale for around $3.50 for half a yard (I only used about a foot of it!). The ribbons, buttons, wooden letters, and velcro are things that I already had on hand. The completed box ended up costing less than $10.00!

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  1. Samyra, 31 May, 2016
    can you please be so kind and share the measurements of the box. really interested Reply
    • admin, 31 May, 2016
      Hi Samyra! Sure! The measurements are 6" wide by 4 3/8" long by 1 1/8" high. It has been a few years, but I found the unfinished wood box at Hobby Lobby. I imagine other craft stores, like Michael’s or JoAnn, have something similar. Reply
  2. Sarah, 5 Jul, 2017
    How do I gt one for my upcoming wedding ceremony. Reply
    • admin, 8 Aug, 2017
      Hi Sarah. I just made this for my own wedding. I made this post to show that you can make one yourself with a wooden box from a craft store, some fabric, and stuffing. Unfortunately, I am not making these for sale. Thanks! Reply
  3. Jessica, 8 Aug, 2017
    Can you make this for me with white pillows and candy apple green and primary orange flowers and ribbon..thank you Reply
    • admin, 8 Aug, 2017
      Hi Jessica. Unfortunately, I am not making these for sale. This post is just for inspiration. Thanks! Reply
  4. Katie, 9 Oct, 2017
    Hello! I love the box, I'm thinking about doing the same idea expect for cuff links...did you finish the wood before or after the painting the acrylic heart? I read it was hard to paint over finished wood and I'd love it to last. Thank you :) Reply
    • admin, 11 Oct, 2017
      Hi Katie. I believe I stained the wood first and then painted on the heart. Then coated the entire box in varnish. The heart is acrylic paint (from the craft store), so it dries pretty quickly and shouldn’t smear or run, as long as everything is completely dry beforehand. I think I actually used a spray varnish to get more even coats. Good luck! Reply