The Tale of Five Cities

Premieres Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Devin Doughty
Ashley Hairston



Our Story

This is the tale of five cities that connected two urban adventurers via crisscrossed paths and common allegiances.

One of the amazing things about this relationship is the fact that the couple has lived in five cities at similar or the same points in time: three places before knowing one another and two metro areas that brought them close(r) together. Read on to learn the details of this interesting narrative…



The Circle City is the birthplace of both Devin and Ashley. The two enjoy making trips up to Indianapolis to visit family and friends, and make the annual pilgrimage to the Indy 500 race.

St. Louis

The Lou

The Doughtys and the Hairstons both lived in or near St. Louis for a few years, quite possibly during overlapping periods of time. It was in the Gateway City that Devin became a Cardinals fanatic, cheering on Ozzie Smith and the Red Birds. Even after moving to North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Indiana, Devin’s love for the Cardinals Ball Club remained strong. Ashley also rooted for the Cards as a child before her family moved to Cincinnati. She became an even bigger fan of the Cardinals after spending four years in St. Louis as a student at Washington University. The couple tries to take a trip to the Lou once a year to cheer on their favorite ball team.



After moving from Cincinnati, the Hairstons landed in Knoxville, where Ashley attended middle and high school. Devin resided in Big Orange Country as a graduate student at the University of Tennessee. During that time, Ashley visited home during the summers and moved back to Knoxville after college. Who knows… Maybe Devin and Ashley crossed paths on “Good Ole’ Rocky Top” without even realizing it!



Ashley made the move up to the Windy City to start graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A year later, Devin arrived to further his career. The two met via an online dating site (No name dropping here. They aren’t paying us enough to do that!). Devin and Ashley dated for a year and half, fully-utilizing the CTA to commute between Edgewater and Wicker Park. It was in Chicago that the couple discovered all their commonalities: the places they’ve lived, their values, and their family upbringings. A shared enthusiasm for food, music, the arts and culture, traveling, and sports didn’t hurt either.



In the spring of 2012, Ashley was offered a position at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the couple relocated to Nashville. The Doughty family actually lived in Nashville during Devin’s high-school years, so he was familiar with the area and excited to be back in Music City. Devin and Ashley look forward to tying the knot and finding a permanent home in Nash-Vegas.